About Us

Grupo Publimagen has been in the market since 2003, dedicating ourselves to the design, development, and production of Advertising Material: signage, POP material, displays, and lights. Our production plant is located in El Salvador and from there we distribute to the different markets in the region. Winners of the “Central American Area Exporter Award 2019-2021”.

Our differentiating element is personalized service, we work on the entire process together with the client, our products and services seek to satisfy their expectations and needs, both in terms of design/functionality and finances.


Generate in our clients and their consumers a memorable connection at the point of purchase, through innovative, functional and attractive pieces; that contribute to the leadership of their category.


Position ourselves as the first option for POP material in the region in the next 2 years and on a global stage in the next five years.

Why Us?

Our Values

Do More With Less

Deliver POP through our products and experience

Be curious, adventurous and creative

Pursue Growth and Learning

Build open and honest relationships

Teamwork multiply results

Be Passionate and Determined

Favorable geographical position to transport to: USA, Central America, Caribbean and Dominican Republic.
FTA in force, tariff 0
Accessible costs


Certified by The Coca Cola Company Occupational Health and Safety Management System


Exporter Award Central American Area 2021

Our Team